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Elephant Eye receives Special Merit Award

The LightSpaceTime gallery chose to include "Elephant Eye" in their Animals Art Exhibition to run the month of May 2019. Little did I know that I would be blogging about these beasts again, but this selection demonstrates that these animals can universally cast their spell. If you are an animal lover or an art lover, check out the other artists in the show, and enjoy. There are over 200 pieces included from the 793 entries from 31 countries and 35 states. These many points of view range from this monochromatic hyper-real image to an illustrated chicken with 2-dimensional eggs and everything in between. The exhibit includes 3-dimensional work, painting, and photography and digital images.

Though it has been said that the only thing that separates humans from animals is their

ability to produce art, this time, we are in it together.

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